Lifehouse Sunday Preview

Discovery Time at Lifehouse

The Ascent begins at 9am

Discover your spiritual potential as you climb to the summit (mentally speaking). Tomorrow begins the journey with learning about this mountain called Lifehouse. We will be discovering our story, our strategy, our structure, our salvation and our statement of faith. Basecamp 1 prepares you to move to Basecamp 2 which will develop your ability to know your God. Basecamp 1 will be taught by Pastor Brett for the next two weeks. Don't miss your opportuniity to listen and ask questions about Lifehouse Mountain.

Lunch at Lifehouse on Sunday

After service on Sunday Lifehouse will be facilitating its first Lunch at Lifehouse in our new facility. Please plan to bring a dish to share and have some quality time to fellowship. Lifehouse Team is a team that you belong!!!

Become a Financial Partner with the ministry of Lifehouse Church

The only way you can do anything truly significant in your life is to do it together as a team. Lifehouse can only go as far as the generosity of the people. Let's partner together as see how much we can change our world for the Kingdom of God!

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