Lifehouse Reminder

The "Ascent" begins Sunday

Lifehouse motto is to "Discover Your Potential." If you're serious about doing that it all begins on Sunday with the first part of your ASCENT to discovering your God given potential. Your first stop on your ascent to the summit is at Basecamp 1. You will unpack your gear for three weeks at BC1 to discover more about your church and your salvation. If you're already acclimated to the altitude of basecamp 1 we still need you there to provide wisdom for those new to this mountain. The discovery experience all begins on Sunday at 9am. This would also be a perfect time to invite those people you know that want to know more about this mountain called Lifehouse. Pastor Brett will be guiding this adventure and will provide any help to make your ascent to the top a successful one. This is also the path to become an official "Lifer" (member of Lifehouse). 


Reminder Lifehouse Movie Night

Don't miss your opportunity to see an inspiring show and a perfect way to invite your friends to Lifehouse Church. Facility opens on Friday at 6pm. Show begins at 7pm and we will be serving refreshments, Popcorn and candy (I guess we won't be discovering your physical potential). This is a free event however we will be accepting free will donations to cover the cost. 

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