Lifehouse Church Midweek News

Lifehouse Midweek News

Are you hungry??? No not physically but spiritually???? No matter whether it's your physical or spiritual hunger we have you covered at Lifehouse on Wednesdays. From the Lifehouse kitchen tonight...Homemade chili and cinnamon rolls. 

Reminder for Sunday

Begin your spiritual discovery with "The Ascent." Climb your way to the summit of life as you begin to see what God can do through you! Begins this Sunday at 9am. This is for everyone from a beginner in the faith to those that think they can "walk on water." 

Become a Financial Partner with Lifehouse Church

If you want to join Team Lifehouse who has the potential to change our world, today is the day to get involved and invest in the Kingdom of God. Lifehouse has every provision that God has already released to fulfill our purpose, however, God has partnered with you to distribute the finances. Please consider giving to Lifehouse and see if God will not give back to you the measure you have given to Him!

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