Lifehouse Church's Reopening Strategy

Phase One | May - June*
Social Distancing : Moderate
Vulnerable** Populations : Stay Home
Max Groups / Crowds : 50% and 6ft distance

Worship Services : On-Site With Max PreCaution
LifeGroups - Sunday : Cancelled
Home Groups : Family Only
Wednesday Ministry : On-Line
Nursery : Cancelled
Early Childhood : Cancelled
Elementary : Cancelled
Youth : Cancelled
Worship Team : Limited
Church Events : Cancelled
Coffeehouse : Closed
Phase Two | June - July*
Social Distancing : Limited
Vulnerable** Populations : 
Max Groups / Crowds :

Worship Services : On-Site With Precaution
LifeGroups - Sunday : TBD
Home Groups : Group Discretion
Wednesday Ministry : On-Site With Precaution
Nursery : Cancelled
Early Childhood : Cancelled
Elementary : TBD
Youth :  TBD
Worship Team : Normal
Church Events : Limited
Coffeehouse :  TBD
Phase Three | August*
Social Distancing : Normal
Vulnerable** Populations : Discretion
Max Groups / Crowds : Normal

Worship Services : On-Site
LifeGroups - Sunday : Normal
Home Groups : Normal
Wednesday Ministry : On-Site
Nursery : TBD
Early Childhood : TBD
Elementary : Normal
Youth : Normal
Worship Team : Normal
Church Events : Normal
Coffeehouse : Open
  • * Dates are subject to change
  • **Vulnerable Populations are Elderly, people with underlying conditions especially breathing issues and compromised immune systems
  • Restrooms should have limited use. People are advised to use restroom before attending
  • It is strongly encouraged to follow the CDC guidelines for safety (Wash hands, coughing in arm, avoid close contact)
  • Social congregating before and after service is discouraged inside facility
  • Greeting with a non contact wave is encouraged over handshakes and hugs.
  • Only Family Groups will sit together per row. Seating units will be 6ft apart. Children MUST remain with parents at ALL times.
  • Face masks will NOT be provided so bring your own if you desire a mask
  • It is extremely discouraged to attend on-site if you have any symptoms of sickness
  • Seating, doors, restrooms, common areas, etc. are be sanitized before services.
  • There will NOT be any handouts or writing instruments provided.
  • The service will dismiss by family units to minimize indoor socializing
  • ALL Services will remain online for those that choose to social distance