Making an impact

Want to join us in our mission of reaching people with the life-giving message of Jesus? Your generosity enables us to help more and more people experience a life-changing relationship with Him.

Financial giving can be divided into two categories: tithes and offerings.

The Bible teaches us that we worship the Lord with our tithe, which is ten percent of our income contributed to the church on a regular basis.

When we feel called to give over and above our tithe, we do so as an offering.

We are truly grateful for your donation and hope the convenience and simplicity of giving through the various methods listed below will be helpful to you.

Ways to give

We have several options for you to choose from that will make giving to Lifehouse easy, safe and secure. You can opt to give online, through smart giving via text messaging on your mobile device, or at our physical location.

  • Online giving

    Web and mobile giving are available for one-time gifts or for scheduled, recurring contributions. Whether you’d like to give a single gift, schedule ongoing contributions, you can do it all from your computer or mobile device. It’s quick, easy, and secure. You can give your tithe and offerings here.

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  • Text to give

    You may give by texting “LIFEHOUSEGIVING” to 1-888-364-GIVE (4483). A message will be sent to you giving quick and easy steps for you to give a one-time donation or for scheduled, recurring contributions.

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  • Personal Online


    You can submit your tithe and any additional gifts through your personal bank’s online bill payment service. Your bank will send Lifehouse Church the payment, and we will record it toward your giving records just as if you had written the check yourself.

    Indicate “Lifehouse Church” as your payee, specify your name as the account, and use the following information for the payee address:

    Lifehouse Church

    PO Box 451

    Hastings NE 68902-0451

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  • give during service

    If you prefer to make a donation while attending a service, you will find offering containers located at THE AUDITORIUM EXIT. You may indicate on your check memo if the donation is for tithe or for a designated offering. If you are giving cash and would like to receive a tax-deduction statement at the end of the year, you can use a cash-only giving envelope.

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Countless people experience God’s blessings when they tithe, but often the first step is the hardest one to take.

That’s why we created the Three-Month Tithe Challenge: a money-back guarantee of sorts. Essentially, it’s a contract based on the promises of God in Malachi 3:10-11. We commit to you that if you tithe for three months and God doesn’t hold true to His promises of blessings, we will refund 100% of your tithe.


**Please read the terms and conditions below for this challenge before signing up.


Tithe Challenge FAQ

“Who Is The Tithe Challenge For?”
Tithing is God’s plan for every follower of Christ. However, The Tithe Challenge is for individuals or families who have not been tithing (10% of household income) in at least the last six months.

“When Is The Tithe Challenge?”
The Tithe Challenge is for a period of three months. You can begin at any date between January 1st and November 12th (the challenge must be completed in a single calendar year).

“Why Take The Tithe Challenge?”
The only thing in the Bible that God says to test Him on is tithing. At Lifeaouse, we believe in it so strongly that we want to give you the opportunity to take God at His Word.

Terms and Conditions
  1. I understand that in order to participate in The Tithe Challenge my completed sign-up form must be received by a Lifehouse Staff by November12, 2017.
  2. I understand that my household qualifies for participation because we have not been tithing (10% of annual household income) for the last six months.
  3. I understand that if paid at the church location, my tithe must be paid by check or by a completed cash-only offering envelope so that my tithe can be properly credited. Tithe can also be paid online.
  4. I understand that I cannot seek a refund prior to the end of the Three-Month Tithe Challenge period, and that I cannot seek a refund for any contributions made prior to the starting date.
  5. I understand that any request for a refund must be received in writing by a Lifehouse staff within 30 days of the end of the Three-Month Tithe Challenge period.
  6. I understand that if I request a refund at the end of the three months, 100% of contributions by check or cash and 97% of contributions made by credit or debit card (due to credit card processing fees) will be refunded.
  7. I agree to the following: “I would like to test God’s faithfulness by accepting the Three-Month Tithe Challenge at Lifehouse. I agree that for the three month period, my household will contribute to God, through Lifehouse, a tithe equal to 10% of our income. At the end of the three month period, if I am not convinced of God’s faithfulness to bless my life as a result of my obedience to His Word, then I will be entitled to request a refund of the full amount (as clarified by #6 above) of contributions made during those three months.”


The Bible says in Matthew 6:24 that the top competitor for our commitment to Jesus is money. Giving allows us to demonstrate that He is more important to us than material things. Not having cash or check on hand doesn’t have to hold you back from giving. You can be obedient today by giving online. There is no organization with more potential to change the world than the local church!