Prayer Request

We will agree with you in prayer for your need. 

Your prayer request will be shared with our Prayer Team.  We share your request during our Wednesday Gathering Service unless you indicate it is confidential.

MOnthly prayer conference

*Postponed to Tuesday, April 17.

Monthly conference call for Lifehouse is every second Thursday of every month from 7:30-8:30pm.

Directions to calling:

1. Please dial toll free at: 563-999-1094  passcode 471561.

2. When you dial in, announce yourself and then mute your phone so background noise is diminished. Mute would

    be according to your phone application.

3. This is an open prayer call so you can pray when someone else pauses by un-muting. 

4. Feel free to dial in anytime during the hour. 

5. If you need to hang up prior to the call ending, just hang up without announcing your departure.

Any questions, contact Sharon B at