Our Structure

Our leadership philosophy at Lifehouse is a bottom to top approach. Our goal as leaders at Lifehouse is not to impart our ministry on others. Our goal is to help others identify their God given gifts / passions and then assist them in developing their unique ministry.. The Word of God has called leaders to equip the church for the ministry, not to be the ministers. We believe people will flourish in ministry and be more fulfilled with life if we as leaders can empower them to serve where their passion lies.

The Board of Overseers

The governmental structure of Lifehouse begins with a board of Overseers. They’re responsible to oversee the office of the Senior Pastor. The board of Overseers is made up of at least four Christian leaders from outside Lifehouse Church. They are nominated by the Senior Pastor and approved by the board of Elders. 

The Office of the Senior Pastor

The overall vision of the church is led by the office of the Senior Pastor. It is the Senior Pastors overall responsibility to empower the members and provide them a platform to serve where God has gifted them.

The Board of Elders

   The Church has a board of six Elders that look over the spiritual direction of the church and to provide wisdom to the Senior Pastor. They are nominated by the members of Lifehouse church and approved by the Senior Pastor. 

The Board of Trustees

The board of Trustees are members of Lifehouse that are business minded people nominated by the Senior Pastor and approved by the board of Elders to run the business of the church. 

The Members of Lifehouse “Lifer’s”

The final governing body is the members of the church. They’re responsible for the ministry of the church as well as electing a new Senior Pastor when that position is vacated. The by-laws of Lifehouse church are available upon request.